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Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying.


“Gratitude is l…

flash light“Gratitude is like a flashlight. It lights up what is already there. You don’t necessarily have anything more or different, but suddenly you can actually see what it is. And because you can see, you no longer take it for granted.” – M.J. Ryan in Attitudes of Gratitude.


5 Actions You Can Take Now To Prevent Your Child From Being Bullied

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  • How today’s bullying isn’t just “kids being kids” and why it can be so much more destructive to your child’s sense of self and well-being now than ever
  • How to identify when your child might be a bullying victim and how to best support them
  • What you can do to help your child feel safe and included in their school
  • How cyber bullying can be the most destructive form of modern bullying and how to intervene
  • How to collaborate with your kid’s school to end bullying, even if they initially are resistant
  • What resources are available to help your kid’s school transform its culture around bullying


Collins works with victim-turned-advocate Erin Merryn to pass “Erin’s Law”

Collins works with victim-turned-advocate Erin Merryn to pass “Erin’s Law”.

Career Day

On January 30th all 7th and 8th grade students participated in Career Day.  This year we tried to involve students more in the planning process by asking them for feedback.  In addition, much of the focus was placed on exploring passions and helping students develop their purpose.  We didn’t want this purpose exploration to stop with Career Day so they will have additional time throughout the remainder of the year to explore things they are passionate about and how these things relate to career planning.

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Two Great Resources For Parents and Educators


Click to access talkingviolence.pdf

Bows & Bands Against Bullying


Students have been working on making bows and bands from duct tape for their classmates to wear to promote awareness about bullying. October is bullying awareness month and Metcalf has many students working on projects and public service announcements to educate their peers. The girls will be making enough bows and bands for the sixth grade and have plans about expanding their production to other grades.


TRANSFORMERS is a group of graduate students from the Communication Department who come to our after-school program to reinforce our Second Step curriculum.  They reinforce the skills that students are learning in the classroom such as skills for learning like focusing attention, empathy, how to calm down, and problem solving.

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